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Don’t rush into this thinking it is a get-rich-quick scheme because it is not!

That is a very rare beast that, in all probability, does not even exist. All successful businesses rely on hard work and a proven business model. In this case you provide the hard work at the ’sharp’ end of things and we provide over 25 years of production skill and expertise and a proven and successful business model. You really do reap what you sow and time and effort spent at the launch of your business will pay dividends later on.

A cliche but true ... You are NEVER alone ! Prospectus.pdf

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Our partners operate businesses that are profitable, invaluable to their customers, highly regarded in their communities, fun to operate and a source of enormous pride and, of course, income to their owners and all with no initial experience from you in either the advertising or design and print fields. We undertake ALL production and all you have to do is talk to people!

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