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Your Magazine ... each and every month

We will guarantee that we will produce your magazine to the very highest standards every month so that your readers and customers get used to only the best from you ....

Your website ... your silent partner

Based on our tried and tested model your website will be totally customised to you and give access to your on-line magazine ...

Your digital magazine ... extra income

Just click on any magazine to see how we link all your ads to your customers websites every month ...

An Advertiser magazine is your opportunity to publish your own high quality,

glossy magazine in the local community in your, or nearby area ...

Our partners are granted exclusive rights to operate their own magazine in their chosen community. This is often the community they live or work in but may be within a reasonable travelling time of either. Each magazine partner is provided with a beautifully designed, professionally written magazine each month that they are free to amend or add to as they wish at the proof stage.

There are 3 key points when considering your Advertiser magazine business

1  Your Exclusive Area        2. Glossy Magazine          3. All design/printing is carried out by us

Each exclusive area is defined using the Royal Mail's postcode system. Each partner has their exclusive area of between 5,000 - 10,000 residential households defined and mapped for them as part of the Partnership Agreement.

Very quickly … how it all works Click on the image on the right to download your prospectus … 01 02 03 Prospectus.pdf

Each edition of the magazine is designed for you each and every month with a wealth of features, articles, news, views, information and topical issues of interest to the community and is delivered as a free publication to households in your community.   Your Advertiser team provides all of the artwork and design, editing and base articles each month. Each partner is provided with a beautifully designed, professionally written and laid out magazine every time!

All partners need to do is add advertisements from their customers and we arrange processing, proofing, printing and delivery to you. It couldn't be simpler!   You are, of course, able to replace some or all of these features with articles written by you or people and organisations within your community to personalise the magazine.

The digital edition of your magazine is published every month FREE within your very own website.   Your high quality glossy magazine not only provides your customers with a fantastic opportunity to market and sell to their local community, it provides you with relevant traffic to your  website.  The key to any successful online business is not just traffic, i.e. visitors, its relevant traffic. For advertisers to receive benefits from advertising online their online ads have to be seen by prospective customers. Your magazine provides all of the relevant traffic to your website and enables you to sell online advertising in addition to magazine advertising.

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