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It’s that time of year when we think about the future, and whether it’s time for a change.

Well, maybe it is. Nothing stays the same forever, and change is good.
So, how about running your own business under the guidance of a well-established brand?
You’ll be stepping into the footprints of an existing successful business, with your own territory to

grow your own business.
And quite frankly, we need you.

If you have what it takes to be at the helm of a business, we’d like to meet you.

The Beacon Advertiser is home to a very successful model, going through significant growth right now

to meet the demands of our growing economy.

You’ll receive extensive training and be fully equipped with all the business advice through our extensive support

programme and be well prepared to hit the ground running.
If this sounds right for you then please call me; Paul on 0345 548 9801 for a chat, no obligation of course.

P.S. If you’d like more advice to assess if this opportunity is right for you, read my article below and look at our answers … how many other business opportunities can offer you as much ?

OK … Is It Right For Me ?

"Entrepreneurship is living a few years like most people won't,

so you can spend the rest of your life like most people can't."

Is this your time to step up? Partners required locally.

Click on the image above to download your prospectus …

 Top questions to ask ?

  The most important element of assessing the opportunity is to question the Managing Partner.

  Over the years I have interviewed many hundreds of potential franchisees   and these are the most frequently asked questions.

  Investing in the Business

What is the total cost? With us; just £1995.00 (+VAT)

Do you help with bank funding?   No; but many high street banks will …

How can I finance the franchise?   We have deliberately priced our offer to allow you to start with little or no borrowing …

What do I get for the fee?   A fully formed, turn-key business ready to start and earn !

What is the on-going royalty?    NONE ! - That’s right; none … we enter into a partnership that benefits us both - ONGOING !


How long is the agreement?   Initially 10 years and then it is renewable after that

Is the licence renewable at the end of term?  Yes …

Is there a charge for renewing?   No there isn’t …

Should I have the agreements reviewed by a lawyer?   We have had our own legal staff scrutinise the paperwork but you are welcome to …


Do you provide an initial launch programme?  Yes we do, along with full training both before and after your launch - you are NEVER alone !

What on-going support is there?  Sales, marketing, technical … we offer all the support you will ever need

Particularly what marketing support do you provide?  We’ve made all the wrong turns over 25 years so you don’t have to  …

Can I have direct access to the directors of the business?  Yes, via phone/email 7 days a week …

Do you provide both initial and on-going training?   Yes we do

Do you provide any central facilities – invoicing, credit control?   No; but we set you up with all the tools to do your own with our 24/7 help

What problems are faced by partners and how do you help them overcome them?  There is nothing we haven’t come across and found answers for !

  Business for Sale

Am I permitted to sell on the business?    Yes, with certain constraints …

Do you levy a fee for a business resale?   You will not pay a fee but your purchaser may have to for training etc

Do you have a resale process I need to follow?    Very much so … read the Beacon Bible to find out how it’s done !

Will you assist me to sell my business?   Yes we will, we always have prospects looking for areas …

  Your Business Success

Have any Partners failed and why?   Some fail, but very few. Our initial consultation matches you to our opportunity to avoid failure

How do you measure success?    A regularly published set of titles earning you the income you desire

Are there any particular skills needed or recommended?   The ability to follow our guides and most of all the ability to communicate with people

What has been the growth rate of the business?    This grows continually with ever more people publishing their own magazines ….

What do you look for in your ideal Partner?    Honesty, commitment, the drive to succeed and above all … a sense of humour !

Where do you expect the company/brand to be in 10 years?     Helping ever more people become financially independent

  The Opportunity

Why should I invest in a Partner Business and not ‘go-alone’?   Because we have over 25 years experience and can offer you a turn-key business

Why should I invest in your business?   Because by doing so you are investing in YOUR future !

If I’m very successful can I buy an additional territory?   Of course, and you can publish more titles in each one other than your initial magazine !

Is the business scalable? If so how?   See above … oh; and there is always the rest of Europe !

  And Finally…  

Have a look at the manual before you sign

Check out the financials

Ask the Owners if they are a member of any associations

Partnering is a system – in fact it’s one of the fastest growing and probably the most successful systems ever created for the distribution of products and services to the marketplace.

In a Partnership the Managing Partner provides a proven business system, a brand and trademarks, their experience and know-how plus a complete ‘back of house’ support in areas such as marketing, sales, procurement, finance etc.

In simple terms a Partnership is a licence to operate another’s proven business system – however the magic of a network is that it ‘marries’ an individual’s skills, experience and ambition with the intellect, systems and resources of a brand.

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